1990 Nissan Maxima SE

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Nissan Maxima SENissan Maxima SENissan Maxima SENissan Maxima SE

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1990 Nissan Maxima
Miles:170,000 Miles

Down Payment:
Loan Rate: %
Term Of Loan:
Est. Payment: $0.00

Seller:Bill Hiebeler
City, State:Leander, TX - (Map It!)
Email Contact:Click Here To Email The Seller
Phone Number:512-567-5852

Exterior Color:White
Fuel Type:Gasoline

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I have for sale a 1990 Nissan Maxima that needs transmission work.

I bought this car planning to fix or replace the transmission, but now I've bought another car instead. The odometer reads 170,000 miles. I have thoroughly checked this car over, and here is the good and the bad:


Engine: Runs great and sounds great. I did a cylinder leakage test and all cylinders have between 12% and 17% leakage, which equates to excellent compression - nearly as good as new. If you are not familiar with a cylinder leakage test, it pressure tests each cylinder to check for valve, ring, or head gasket leakage. Too much leakage would cause low compression. A new engine might read 8% to 12% leakage after break-in, anything over 30% to 40% means worn rings or valves. This engine is solid and tight, and the fuel injection system has to be all good for it to run as good as it does - it really runs great!

Belts look fairly new.

Radiator: looks new. There are no coolant leaks, I pressure tested the system.

Air conditioning: Blows nice and cold, no compressor noise, no freon leaks. Heater works good too.

CV Joint boots are all good except the right outer one.

Brakes pad and rotors are all good, master cylinder looks like it has been replaced not too long ago.

All electrical systems seem to work fine, alternator charges good, battery holds a charge.

Stereo works, Bose speakers. Sounds pretty good, but not wonderful.

Carpet is in very good condition, dashboard too.

It's got the cool white-face guages - all work.

Moon roof (or is it a sun roof?) works, no signs of leaks.

The body is mostly straight, no signs of ever being wrecked. Just plenty of scratches, dings, and bumps from being in the world for 17 years.

All four tires are good. Three are on white allow rims (original?), one is on plain steel rim.

Power door locks work.


Automatic transmission has only first gear and reverse, probably needs rebuild or replacement.

Needs the back half of the exhaust system replaced. (Catalytic converter and forward is fine.)

Body damage to left front fender, not serious but a good dent just behind the lights.

Paint is probably original, shows wear and some scratches.

Both front turn signals/parking lights are cracked. Headlights are fine.

Leather seats are worn, split, and cracked. Not totally shot, but really showing their age.

Windsheild has several significant chips in it, but no cracks.

Trunk gets water in it. The spare tire is good, but the lug wrench and jack handle are rusted bad. Bottom of spare tire well is not rusted out, but has rust stains on the paint from the jack handle soup.

Front bumper is not really bent, but had been bumped hard enough to crack and peel the paint on it. Rear bumper has seen some bumps too.

Front passenger side window is no longer connected to the mechanism. It is wedged closed with rubber erasers, without which it falls to the full open position. The drivers side window works, but has a hiccup in it's travel as it is closing. Rear power windows work fine.

All in all, this car could be a good reliable ride with a transmission and a few other repairs. Is it worth fixing? You decide. The price for the car is $650.

If nobody wants it like it is, I will part it out. Either way is fine by me, I just wanted to put it out there and see if somebody might want to save this car before I start selling pieces off it. If you just want parts, give me a call and if nobody buys the whole car in a week or so I'll get back to you.

Bill 512-567-5852

    Air Conditioning
    AM/FM Stereo
    Compact Disc
    Cruise Control
    Power Door Locks
    Power Steering
    Power Windows
    Rear Spoiler